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Who We Are

Since 1978, our dedicated professionals have been sourcing and recruiting quality respondents for both qualitative and quantitative studies. We understand that effective market research begins with the right participants. Our recruitment experts leverage their deep market insights to identify and engage the ideal demographic, ensuring our clients receive the most accurate and engaged target respondents for their needs.

Meet the Team

Our seasoned professionals, skilled in both qualitative and quantitative studies, provide top-tier respondent sourcing and engagement. Our recruitment experts possess a deep understanding of market dynamics, ensuring valuable outcomes for clients. With a dedication to excellence and a keen eye for demographic accuracy, the J&S Research team consistently delivers superior recruitment solutions in market research.

Picture of Kristy Pollard

Kristy Pollard

National Recruitment Manager

Kristy is the immediate point of contact for clients, from their initial project enquiry to the successful completion of the project. Kristy oversees the entire project management process from providing feedback to client’s along the way, troubleshooting and liaising closely with our recruitment team to ensure delivery of on-spec respondents every time.

Picture of Sandhya Le Grand

Sandhya Le Grand

Chief Operating Officer

Sandhya’s vast experience spans all industries and sectors.  She manages a highly experienced and professional team. Sandhya is incredibly well regarded amongst her peers and clients alike, the level of dedication and professionalism she displays is second to none.

Picture of Mandy Admiraal

Mandy Admiraal

Research General Manager

As GM of our general research side of the business Mandy has vast experience in social research, compliance and customer engagement research and over 18 years’ experience in client management and designing bespoke innovative solutions for high profile clients both domestically and globally. Mandy has extensive knowledge and experience across all sectors and methodologies.

Picture of Dylan Murray

Dylan Murray

Healthcare General Manager

Dylan has vast experience in healthcare and patient related market research projects. With over 17 years’ experience in the industry, Dylan continues to deliver valuable insights to clients whilst internally helping our staff achieve KPIs & providing ongoing training to see them reach their full potential.

Picture of Vani Pandya

Vani Pandya

Project Manager

With over 12 years of experience in customer service, people management and event project management, Vani comes perfectly equipped for the role Project Manager. She works seamlessly with the internal team to ensure the success of campaign and delivers exceptional results each and every time.

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