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Accompanied Shops & Shop Alongs

Accompanied Shops

J&S Research have many years’ experience recruiting engaged and outgoing respondents for individual Shop Alongs/Accompanied Shops.

An accompanied shop allows you observe your target audience on a one-on-one basis and gain insights into their shopping experience and brand choices.

We have successfully recruited Accompanied Shops on a wide range of projects including Homewares, Fashion, Grocery Shopping, Shavers, Car Purchase, Mobile Phones, Computers, Whitegoods, Beer & Wine, Skincare, Furniture and more. We can recruit to specific Shopping Malls as well as individual stores including Convenience Stores, Bottle Shops, Petrol Stations, etc.

On several occasions we have organised Accompanied Shops with a specific audience such as Plumbers, Painters and other Trades. We can arrange an ideal spot for you to meet your respondent and ensure the process goes smoothly. Alternatively, an interview might start at the respondent’s home and you then travel together to the selected store.

We have also organised what we call the “Journey-Along” for a few of our clients. One such study was for research into local Public Transport needs and involved interviewing respondents on their daily commute to work. Another involved meeting older respondents at a train station (for a study on Mobility Issues).

If you want to talk to Mums, Teens, Tradesmen, Homeowners, Car Buyers or anyone else, J&S Research are skilled at finding the right individuals to meet your specific recruitment criteria. We have a strong reputation in the industry and receive excellent feedback from our many new and long term clients.

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