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IT, Telco & Utilities Research

IT and Telco Research

J&S Research have extensive experience with recruitment for IT and Telecommunications qualitative research projects. We recruit both businesses and consumers, customers and non-customers for all types of research projects i.e. focus groups, usability testing, in depth interviews etc. Researching all products and services available in the market for all providers.

We can recruit those who have or are in the market for mobile phones, landline phones, internet connections of all speeds, family and or business plans and bundled packages, cloud services and more using our database or your customer list.

Our experience includes product trials for mobile internet products where we recruited more than 100 respondents to trial a wireless internet product across a 3month period providing regular feedback through connection data and short feedback surveys, pricing models for both business and consumer IT and Telco plans, communication evaluations, hard to reach pre-paid only mobile phone households and recruitment of C level executives for in depth discussions on leading edge cloud technology and security.

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