What We Do

We provide quality respondents for a range of survey techniques.

To gain real insight, you need to make sure your questions are reaching the right people. J & S Research specialises in Research Recruitment. Our database is a point of pride with us; with a great spread across the country we can deliver the focus group demographics and ethnographics you want to get you the answers and insight you need.

Our team is highly skilled, experienced and motivated, and can quickly and efficiently organise you a focus group for:

We're also experienced at working from clients' own databases, creating a bespoke focus group for your project that perfectly complements your research

Research Project Management

We can take care of the project from start to finish, sourcing high quality focus group recruitment and arranging viewing facilities and locations. With our approach of creativity and common sense, we facilitate effective studies, within budget that deliver you the answers you need.

Here are just a few examples of fields we work across:

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