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Website Testing

Website Usability Testing is a research technique used to evaluate a product or service (in this instance a website) by testing with the end users and customers.

You can construct a scenario wherein a respondent will be asked to perform a list of tasks that someone using the website for the first time is likely to perform with the aim of identifying any usability issues and to collect data to determine a participant’s satisfaction with the product.

Usability testing is an effective way to watch potential users of your product to see what works well and what doesn’t. J&S Research have recruited respondents for usability tests in a wide variety of categories such as Health Funds, Insurance, Online Shopping Sites and Banking Apps to name a few.

In a recent Insurance study we recruited customers of the nominated company that were not currently engaging with the fund online to evaluate and assess any issues they had with using the site.

J&S Research offers recruitment nationally including regional areas. With over 30 years of experience, we have a strong reputation in the industry and receive excellent feedback from our clients. With our large database and a team of professional recruiters, we can provide engaged and articulate respondents for your next project.

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