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In Depth Interviews

In Depth Interviews

J&S Research offers recruitment of In Depth Interviews nationally including regional areas. We have over 30 years of experience and a team of dedicated specialist recruiters.

Using a range of methods including our own constantly expanding database, as well as social media and networking, we strive to ensure our respondents meet your research needs.

Whether you want to interview a respondent in their home, your office, at a shopping mall or a café, our team will work with you to ensure each respondent fits your specifications perfectly. We have organised home based interviews in the past on the following subjects: Solar Panels, Home Security, Insurance, Whitegoods, Every day Meals, Mortgages, Grocery Buying and Skincare.

Some of the more unusual interviews we have successfully organised have included accompanying a respondent on their daily commute to work, interviewing Tradesmen on-site, and even following a respondent on their journey to buy a new car.

We have a diverse client base that often come up with unusual requirements and our aim is to make it happen. If you want to talk to Mums, Kids, Families, Tradesmen, Managers or Business Owners, J&S Research are skilled at finding the right respondents to meet your specific recruitment criteria, ensuring we find you the best people and give you the insights you need. We have a strong reputation in the industry and receive excellent feedback from our many new and long term clients.

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