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Focus Group Recruitment

J&S Research offers excellent focus group recruitment nationally including regional areas. We have over 30 years of experience and a team of dedicated specialist recruiters.

Using a range of methods including our own constantly expanding database, as well as social media and networking, we strive to ensure our respondents meet your research needs.

We can recruit for any size group and arrange groups at the location of your choice from dedicated Group Room Facilities, to RSL’s, Hotels and Affinity groups in homes. Some of the categories we have recruited for in the past include Consumer groups for Banking, Insurance, Whitegoods, Education Needs, Mortgages, Grocery Buying, Lotteries, Beer, Wine, Leisure Activities, and Travel. Categories for Business Professionals include Business Finance, Business Insurance, Taxation, and Telecommunications to name a few.

Whether you want to talk to a group of Mums, Kids, Families, Tradesmen, Managers or Business Owners, J&S Research are skilled at finding the right respondents to meet your specific recruitment criteria, ensuring we find you the best group of people and give you the insights you need. We have a strong reputation in the industry for achieving a great attendance rate at all of our groups and receive excellent feedback from our many new and long term clients.

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