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Bank & Financial Services


J&S Research having extensive experience conducting recruitment for Banking and financial services qualitative projects. We recruit both businesses and consumers, customers and non-customers for all types of research projects i.e. focus groups, usability testing, in depth interviews etc. Researching all products and services available in the market.

We can recruit those with or in the market for mortgages, credit cards, every day transaction accounts, savings and investment accounts, business accounts from specific financial institutions using our database or your list if you prefer.

In a highly competitive industry such as banking and financial services it’s of the utmost importance to conduct research with the right respondents. J&S Research ensure that our respondents are recruited to your specifications and are fit for purpose.

Our project team is highly experienced with the banking and financial services sector and are happy to discuss the brief with you to ensure we are reaching the right target.

Some of our more diverse experience includes recruiting for a credit card application mystery shop comparing two different applications for the one product. A focus group with customers who are frequent users of coin deposit machines, Superannuation customers who have recently switched providers. Small businesses who have frequent contact with a relationship manager.

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