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Taste & Product Testing

Taste & Product Testing

J&S Research have recruited product and taste test respondents for a wide range of products. We understand the importance of recruiting the right respondent and we ensure that the required population is represented in our recruitment.

Product testing provides immediate feedback from consumers on products they are in the market to consume. Whether it is a new product or an existing product that needs to be refreshed running a product or taste test provides the brand team with valuable insights into the consumers view on the product as well as their needs and desires for a product in the same category.

During recruitment we confirm that respondents do not have any allergies, medical conditions or barriers which prevent them from participating in the test and follow any guidelines required prior to participation such as consuming food and beverage before the test or requirements to return the tested product.

J&S Research follow a comprehensive confirmation process ensuring fieldwork runs smoothly.

Our experience in recruiting for product and taste tests is extensive. These are some of the product and taste test we have recruited for Wine, alcoholic cider, milk, soft drink, sauce, soup, cheese, chocolate, yoghurt and chips. Beauty products such as moisturiser and cleanser.

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