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Children’s Focus Groups

Children’s Focus Groups

J&S Research have significant experience in the recruitment of children for focus groups. With our own constantly updated database and a team of professional and dedicated recruiters, we are able to recruit any age group from primary to teenagers.

It is important when recruiting children to ensure their safety and privacy. We abide by strict industry codes during our recruitment process. We always speak to a parent first and in accordance with industry standards, ensure we have a signed parental consent form. It is important to us that the parent feels at ease and comfortable about their child’s safety.

In most cases if a child is primary age, all questions will be asked via the parent. If a child is in high school, we will chat to Mum or Dad first and then the child.

Most topics are generally something kids are interested in and in the past we have recruited children for groups on New Technology, Movies, Sports, School, Food, TV Shows and Holidays. We have also recruited for more sensitive issues such as Asthma, Bullying and ADHD.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry we can offer recruitment nationally including regional areas. Using a range of methods including our database, social media and networking, we strive to make your research project a success by providing engaged and outgoing respondents.

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