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Online Communities & Bulletin Boards


Online communities (or online bulletin boards) are becoming a popular qualitative research choice for many clients, where respondents participate in a research discussion online over one day or up to several days.

Participants can usually log in at a time to suit them and respond to questions and tasks set by the moderator which can include sharing their thoughts and opinions and uploading photos and videos from a smartphone or other device.

This is a great method to employ if you want a diverse range of respondents that may not be able or willing to attend a focus group, time poor respondents (such as business people or tradesmen) or for more sensitive matters.

J&S Research has provided quality recruitment for many online projects on a variety of subjects such as Obesity, Luxury Cars, Shopping, Pain Management, Telecommunications, Travel and Alcohol.

J&S Research will recruit to your specific criteria and we will also work with you to ensure respondents remain engaged and finish all tasks within your timeframe. We send out reminders if anyone falls behind with their tasks and communicate with you daily for updates. With over 30 years of experience, we have a strong reputation in the industry and receive excellent feedback from our clients.

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