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Product Placement

Product Placement

Placing a new or trial product with a consumer in the home allows the consumer to try the product on their own terms in a practical and real life setting. This methodology allows for longer term testing and allows consumers to develop their opinions and thoroughly review your product while living their everyday lives.

Product placement can include multiple surveys to gain insight such as pre placement habits and usage, during placement experience and post placement feedback and future usage. Additionally those testing the product can be engaged in an online community to share their experience, complete homework tasks and seek advice while trialing the product.

J&S have recruited for products tests such as frozen meals and desserts, wine, chips and snack foods Incontinence products, beauty and healthcare products and laundry detergents, electronic devices and home office equipment. We include both blind (white label packaging) and branded testing to allow for comparisons.

We have the capabilities to manage the entire process from recruitment to sending out product to collecting feedback using our data collection tools to collecting any unused product or packaging and paying participant honorariums. For our experienced project management team no in home product placement is too big or too small.

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