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List Recruitment

List Recruitment

J&S Research are trusted by our valued clients to use their customer databases to recruit participants for all research methodologies.

We can recruit for focus groups, in depth interviews, online communities, product testing, product evaluation, sales representative performance and more. Our experienced recruiters regularly recruit business and medical professionals and consumers from client lists. Recruiting from your customer lists allows you to engage with specific groups of customers who have used or be future users of one of your products or services specific to your research objectives.

We understand the value of the relationship you have with your customers and act as brand ambassadors to ensure our interactions with your customers are positive. When J&S Research recruit from your customer lists you can be sure that your data is safe and secure our server security has been tested and approved by the biggest banks in Australia our servers are located locally and securely. We will securely return your lists with tailored call outcomes to be noted for future research needs and ongoing customer database management.

Our experience includes bank customers who have used a specific in branch service and who hold a specific product, luxury car owners, Hairdressers, students of university course, tradespeople and many more.

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